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When our dams and sires are 6 years old we retire them from our breeding program. They are sweet, high-quality dogs looking for a forever family! Our dogs are precious to us, so we do our best to ensure they are in a home that best suits them and their new family. We love our dogs and want them to find families that will not only love and care for them,  but that will be completely compatible with their personalities, habits, traits, and tricks. Our adults are microchipped, up to date on vaccinations as well as vet exams.

Our dogs have had no formal potty training, though we do have indoor and outdoor exercise areas where they get to run and play each day. We will send home a potty training schedule with each adult to ease the transition and training that will come with going home. To ensure our adults are compatible and comfortable with their new families, they are available to families that are able to visit in person or through videos/Facetime calls.


​Breed: Min. Schnauzer
Gender: Male
DOB: 2-2-19
​​ Weight: 20 pounds
Adoption Fee: $500
- Not Neutered - 

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