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We love getting update and pictures of our puppies as they grow!! Below are some pictures and comments from the families that have adopted our puppies.

Do you remember Drew?
He is now a ‘middle aged’ dog but still behaves like a puppy. Just look at the picture and video from his birthday party given for him by the daycare center where he loves to go a couple of times a week."
Vonder Family

"Hope you are having a wonderful spring.

We have had more than 100 inches of snow and are waiting for the first sign of spring.
Thank-you for the work you do and the joy Bamsı and Kızım bring to our lives. Bless you."

Happy St. Patrick's Day,
Ann n' Steve n' Abú n' Bamsı n' Kızım


 "Your Jenga, our Remi..
She has truly been the perfect addition to our family, exactly what we needed. "

"Dear Teapup crew,

Penny has brought such joy to our whole family. We have a 13 year old Havanese who is quite grouchy (but we love her) and Penny has brought the best out in her!!!!
Attaching some pics for you - I am sure you get feedback all the time - but she is an incredibly sweet doggy and we love her so much! Thank you,"
- Helen


"His name is Sydney and he is just the best dog I have ever owned. He is intelligent, kind, gentle and devoted.
Thought you would like to see a photo."

"Quinee was 1 year old May 19 this year. She is a wonderful dog with lots of personality. She was Dove when we got her. She is a real joy."

gianni 1.jpg

"We cannot thank you guys enough for giving us the most gentle, loving boy."

  "Kate is thriving almost 10 lbs and just beautiful…. We adore her!"

    Ed and Karen


"Here are a couple pictures of Paprika!
She is a beautiful puppy, we love 💗 her!!
She’s a great little dog!!"

 "Felix is such a happy sweet boy. He’s a true lap dog when he’s not playing. Loves his big brother, Frosty. They have lots of adventures together." 🐾♥️🐾


"Hello! I just wanted to provide an update to you guys!
It has been one week since I picked up my Mazie girl (previously known as Paisley). She has been such a joy and so fun to watch! She has adapted to home-living wonderfully! She has only had 3 accidents in the house, slept through in her crate on night one, and loves to chase our 16 year old Shih tzu around the yard. She has such a spunky personality, and is the neighborhood hot commodity. She has met so many people and dogs. She definitely loves the attention!"

"I adopted a puppy in October and he has been a wonderful addition to our family! After taking him home we decided to change his name from Parker to Carl. Potty training was a breeze, he listens and follows commands with no issue. All in all he’s a wonderful pup and I just wanted to thank you guys!"​


"Zoey (Demi) is doing great! She is such a good dog and loves all of the people and grandchildren that come and visit often.  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her."

The ONeills.

"Good afternoon!
We wanted you to know that we couldn't be happier with our Cavapoo we "adopted" through you in December 2021.  Bailey (formerly known as Charlie) has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is incredibly smart and sweet natured.  Everyone he meets falls in love with him and he has formed a special bond with our granddaughter, Arya.  Thank you very much and best wishes for continued success!"

The Anderson family


"Just a picture of our sweet little Kate.. she is adorable…fun, loving and always playful . We love Kate and are thankful to have her"😊 ​

"Hi to all our friends at Teapup.

Today is Sasha’s 5th birthday.(You named her Cleo.)
We wanted to let you know our pup is doing great and continues to bring us great joy. She is a happy girl, smart, well behaved, and such a blessing in our home. We enjoy walks together, play time, and lots of lap cuddling time. Thank you for raising such truly incredible, good natured dogs. Everyone says they have the best dog ever - well, we do, too.
Our best to everyone there."

Kathy, Allen and Sasha 


"Hi Teapup!
Since our little guy just turned 1, we wanted to give you an update on Wesley S. Westie (the S stands for his Teapup name, Squeak).  Wesley has brought so much joy to our home!  He makes us laugh every day.  He is filled with true Westie confidence - even though he is little, he loves to play with all the biggest dogs at the dog park.  Thank you for helping bring Wesley into our lives!"

Jenny and Marty

"​Thank you soooo much for Sage !!! She is the best dog in a whole wide world. Smart, kind, fun, full of energy . She is amazing addition to our family. We love her so much, and she loves us a lot."


Our baby turned one. He is such a blessing!
I picked by far the largest pup of the litter. He is one big lap dog! He is like a cat, “If it fits, I sits.” 😂
He is so smart! He instantly caught on to commands. He can even jump pretty darn high through a hula hoop.
Our vet said Loki is one of the best miniature schnauzers he has seen in a very long time. 
Thank you for caring so well for your dogs. It shows!"

The Hurtados

Figure now that Dexter is 8 months old, time to share with you how much we've fallen in love! He's been a great puppy to have around the house. Such a good personality and while he loves being around other people and dogs, also does great independent play too!  If anyone is looking for a Westie, we will certainly recommend Teapup!"
Anne & James

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