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About Us

Here at Teapup we could not be more thankful for the employees that we have.  We are blessed to have people of all ages who come on a regular basis that are trained in the duties that keep us moving forward. These dedicated guys and girls are what help keep our superior standards of puppy-raising at an ever-increasing high.


Below you will see photos and short blurbs about each person and their regular responsibilities. Knowing how difficult it can sometimes be to choose a puppy, we also understand the difficulties of finding the right breeder. We want you to get to know us and how we care for our dogs and puppies on a daily basis. We also update our "News" page regularly and share photos of our puppies out in the community at different events.




Dan and Deb Beer


Dan and Deb Beer began raising dogs in 1989 (that makes almost 25 years!), and have attained much knowledge through the years regarding all aspects of raising dogs and puppies. They love seeing our beautiful puppies go to great forever homes, and they believe it is a wonderful blessing to have a part in making a child's dream of puppy ownership come true! The joy on new puppy owner's faces when taking home their new addition is simply priceless! Dan is a minister in their church, and also farms about 700 acres of corn and beans in the area. Both he and Deb have had the great opportunity, especially during the past year or two, to spend more time with their family which consists of four children and 14 grandchildren!






As manager of Teapup, it is Angela’s duty to make sure every unit at Teapup is flowing smoothly.  Under Dan and Deb’s guidance, she oversees all of Teapup: creating schedules, delegating tasks, and making sure all is running perfectly.  Angela is also in charge of paperwork, puppy and adult advertisement, and customer care.   She is considered the “Coach of the Team”, and she is able to lead us to many victories!  The Teapup Team Members look at Angela for leadership. She is our decision maker, and game plan changer.





Assistant Manager

Crystal splits her time in half between office work and kennel life.  She is the eyes and ears of the kennel, walking through each room to check on the dogs, pens, and overall cleanliness.  She is in charge of giving vaccinations, micro-chipping, and overseeing the pregnant moms.  It is Crystal’s duty to help Angela supervise the other roles at the kennel. At some points, she takes it upon herself to do some of the grunt work. On the other side, Crystal continues with office work for part of the day as well.  She is in charge of designing and updating the website, updating photos, AKC relations, and booking flights, as well as helping customers.




Photographer and Socialization Coordinator

Hope uses her many learned skills to photograph all of our puppies and adults.  This is a full time task, and something that requires a lot of patience.  During photo shoots, Hope gets to spend one on one time with each dog and puppy. This allows her to see the temperament and personality traits of each dog. With each one, she relays the good points and things we could work on to Angela. Hope also makes the bio-sensor lists, so that other employees can make sure to complete their socialization process each day. 






Blessing's focus is on grooming.  After her many years of working here, she has honed the skills needed to do the job swiftly and beautifully.  She is in charge of giving the younger pups their puppy cuts, as well as preparing each adult for their photo shoot. With her know-how, she is able to groom every breed with perfection.




Cleaning and Sanitation Specialist

Lupe is a league of her own with her speedy and efficient cleaning skills. She is in charge of all cleaning duties imaginable.  She does everything, including but not limited to, washing and sanitizing each pen, exercise area, and all bedding.  The overall cleaning duties may involve several individual tasks.





Grooming Director

Since coming to Teapup, Elaine has shown us that she has a strong leadership level and a heart that is eager work.  Since she has grown, and continues to grow, in her grooming skills, she has taken on the role as grooming director. Elle’s extra duties will be to walk the kennels daily. She is also to ensure that all groomers are staying on task.  Elaine has the authority to let someone know when they are moving too slow or not getting enough dogs groomed each day.  She also supervises the puppy players to make sure they are staying on task and dividing their time equally between each litter of puppies.





Jack of All Trades

Katie spends the majority of her time grooming, focusing on the Bichons, Westies and Bolognese.  She also plays the role of assistant and lends a hand in doing vaccinations, micro-chipping, and breeding.  She is a big help in making sure that, on days when others are not here, their duties are still getting done.  Katie has one of the trickier roles, as she has had to learn everyone else’s schedule and tasks.






Danielle recently joined Teapup and has since grown into a valuable asset.  She is always willing to do any task that is needed to make us successful.  She has a varying set of tasks, but her main focus is overseeing our adult dogs.  Dani cleans their teeth on a weekly basis, makes sure they have clean toys, and gets them out for their daily exercise.  On top of this, she is eager to do any other task we ask of her.







Sophia joined the Teapup Team as a young puppy player, and has now earned herself more responsibilities.  Her intrigue medically for our dogs has allowed her to lend a hand in administering medications, overseeing whelping, and checking the overall well being of our dogs.  Her main focus is on preparing the puppies for the transfer to their new homes. 






Elasah's main focus here at Teapup is grooming.  With few lessons she picked up the tricks needed to become an 'expert' groomer.  Her grooming savvy truly shines through when it comes to our miniature schnauzers. She recently has started doing trims on our puppy schnauzers.  Elasah continues to amaze us with her skills.






Joel is in charge of the little, but necessary, tasks that need done on a daily basis.  He focuses on cleaning up after dogs, feeding, and taking out the trash.  He keeps track of our inventory, and is always available to lend a hand where needed.  He even helps out the groomers by bathing their dogs before they get their trims. 




Dr. Tom Smith


Dr. Tom Smith from Milford Animal Clinic has been our attending veterinarian for the past several years. He comes out to our kennel every four weeks with one of his vet techs to do routine exams on our puppies and adults. We are so very blessed and privileged to have such a great relationship with Dr. Smith and all of his staff!


Below are some photos of our "home" where we spend the majority of our time with our puppies.